Dear friends, I need your help!!!

Seeties Jumpface Campaign

Now that I have you attention, can I have your 1 minute? I am currently participating in a JUMPFACE campaign where the winner wins away a 10,000 feet skydiving experience. The winner is chosen according the number of votes. To put it simple, the contestant with the highest votes wins! Since the prize is too attractive, thus the contestants are very competitive. I need to get as many help as I can so I need your vote!

The contest ends on 3 January 2015, which is another two more weeks to go. The system allows the voter to vote for the same person once a day. So I would like to have your 1 minute everyday to vote for me. It would be great if you can help me share this news to your friends and family. I really appreciate your help!

Please vote for me (Liew Chi Khong) at this link –>

*Don’t get shocked with my epic ugly distorted face though..haha..

Chinese Opera

IMG_0034See more photos

Visit 我的故摄生活 for Chinese version.

Chinese Temple Hunt

The Cremation of the God of Hades

The ‘Qing Huo’ Ritual

Bon Odori 2013

This Way

This waySee more photos

Heritage Celebration 2013

IMG_8412See more photos


Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi

Leong San Tong Khoo KongsiRead more

Beautiful Nature

Beautiful Nature

Bruce Lee Is In Georgetown

Bruce Lee Is In Georgetown

Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen Utensils

Branches And Leaves

Branches And LeavesSee more photos

Li Fu Group Shooting

IMG_1997See more photos

Lion Dance Mural Painting

Lion Dance Mural Painting

Beautiful Sunrise Of Kuala Sepetang

IMG_1133See more photos

Yes, We Are In The Middle Of The Sea

IMG_0990See more photos

Love In She Fu

Fish Farm At Kuala Sepetang

Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn

Begin Your Everyday With A Smile

Begin Your Everyday With A Smile

5th May Is A Good Day To Change

5th May Is A Good Day To Change

The Traditional Chop Maker

IMG_8181See more photos

Sunrise Of Penang II

Sunrise Of Penang II

Sunrise Of Penang I

Sunrise Of Penang I

Busy Keeping The Hand Busy

Busy Keeping The Hand Busy



Today I Saw A Different Blue Sky

Today I See A Different Blue Sky

The Rainy Night Of Penang

The Rainy Night Of Prenang

When There Is No One

When There Is No One

Monotone Lotus

Monotone LotusSee more photos

The Talented Musician In 14 Living Story

The Talentred Musician In 14 Living Story

Good Morning, Penang

Good Morning, Penang

My First Couple Portrait Shooting

IMG_5544See more photos

Good Night, Penang

Good Night, Penang

The Purple Wonderland

The Purple WonderlandSee more photos

Little Twin Tower

Little Twin Tower

The Very Complicated Zebra Crossing

The Very Complicated Zebra Crossing

Komtar Tower

Komtar Tower

The Illuminating Blogger Award

imagesThe Illuminating Blogger Award was designed to showcase blogs that have provided illuminating and informative blog content.

Well, first of all, I want to thank Yin for nominating me with this wonderful award. She is a lovely girl that runs a lovely pinky blog, “My Little Garden“. It is an informative blog which I strongly recommended.

The Rules of the Award

1. Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you. (done)

2. Acknowledge that blogger on your blog by posting the link in your post. (done)

3. Share a random thing about you. (will be done soon :D)

4. Select 5 or more nominess for the award, go to their page and tell them. (I am afraid I have to skip this one as I do not really active in blogging recently. So it would’t be fair for me to nominate others. :( )

A Random Thing About Me

Well, I want to say that I am single and available..haha.. Not that I don’t like girls, but that I don’t have the gut to confess..haha.. There is a girl that I like for a very long time, do hope that one day in the near future, I get myself a job, earn a better life, be a better man, and confess my love to her. Hope that it wont be too late then. (She is actually older than me though, but I don’t really mind that..haha..)

For the fourth condition, well, I cant find 5 bloggers, but at least let me nominating this blog to you all. Huawei89photography. He is a photographer like me and he shoot quality photos, do pay him a visit and be amaze with his photos.

Panning Photography

IMG_5864See more photos

Cycling in the World Heritage Site, Georgetown.

IMG_5202See more photos

Chap Goh Meh Fireworks

Chap Goh Meh Fireworks

Kek Lok Si During The Lunar New Year

IMG_4118See more photos

Glowing In The Dark

Glowinbg In The Dark

Sunset At Esplanade Miri VI

Sunset at Esplanade Miri VI

Sunset At Esplanade Miri V

Sunset at Esplanade Miri V

Sunset At Esplanade Miri IV

Sunset at Esplanade Miri IV

Sunset At Esplanade Miri III

Sunset at Esplanade Miri III

Sunset At Esplanade Miri II

Sunset at Esplanade Miri II


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