A Walk at Penang Clan Jetties

Another walk and shoot experience for me. This time I went to the Penang Clan Jetties which has a very old history. The houses are all built above the water. Clan Jetties, as the name sounds, the people are living within their own clan (long ago, not sure for now) and each clan has their own house built along a long path (which we called it a jetty) on the water. Be sure to visit this awesome place the next time you visit Penang 😀

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26 thoughts on “A Walk at Penang Clan Jetties

  1. Love the low angle – did you by chance use any tilt shift filters or anything in post processing? Maybe it is just the angle of the shot but it makes the red jetty look ‘miniaturized’ which I think is a very cool. Great shot!

    • Thanks! I am not using any filter. In the post processing, I have just adjusting the contrast and the saturation of the photos. The ‘miniaturized’ red jetty is probably due to the angle of the shot. 😀

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