Ah Quee Street at Penang Georgetown

Oh gosh! I think I have fall in love with Penang Georgetown. Today I went there for the third time in this week. Of course, I went with another friend. We walked for around 8 hours at Georgetown. The photos below are the photos that my friend took for me and I wish to share with all of you. 😀 Hope you will like it as I really jumped quite a few times just to take these two shots. The worst case is, I got my hand and my leg bleeding but it worth the pain!


20 thoughts on “Ah Quee Street at Penang Georgetown

    • Thanks! I found your blog in the freshly press (under photography) corner provided by the wordpress. I am scrolling down the page and give a like to the photographs that catch my eyes. Nice blog you got there! 😀

      • Thanks so much for your prompt response. I looked at freshly press all the time but didn’t notice that mine was there….

    • Thanks! The painting is still very new and it was drawn by the artist named Ernest Zacharevic. You can see more of his wall drawing at my travel page under the Penang Georgetown. Hope you enjoy. 😀

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