Capture the Colour Competition

It is a blogging contest sponsored by TravelSupermarket and I have been invited by Tonito from Travelling Tonito’s Adventures. Thank you for the nomination, Tonito, I really appreciate it!

Well, the contest goes as follows :

1. Pick 5 photos of yours that captures the colour of blue, green, yellow, white and red.

2. Nominate 5 other blogger to take part in this competition.

Just two simple steps to win great prizes. I hope whoever (those I didn’t nominate to take part in this contest) see this post take the initiative to join this contest. Who knows, you might be the lucky one.

So, here are the photos that I have picked.

Blue : Drum performance during the Penang Bon Odori Festival 2012This is a photo taken at the Penang Bon Odori 2012. The team is a group of Japanese people and they are performing the drum performance. This is my very first time seeing live drum performance by the Japanese people and I love it very much! they way they play the drum, they way they enjoyed the performance and their spirit really inspired me! Click here for more photos of Panang Bon Odori 2012.

Green : An artist drawing the beautiful heritage site of Georgetown, PenangThis photo was captured on my visit to Penang Georgetown during the celebration of the Fourth Georgetown Festival. Many artist gather at there and drawing their masterpiece of the beautiful Georgetown. Looking at their work, wow, it just looks so real! It was really a great experience for me to be able to meet with so many artist and see them draw live. There are many other events going on during the celebration. To see more of them, please click here.

Yellow : A gigantic statue at Kek Lok Si TempleThis photo was taken during my visit to the Penang Kek Lok Si, the largest Buddhist Temple in Southeast Asia. This statue, together with another one which is opposite of it is located at the front of the biggest statue, the statue of the Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin in the temple. I am not quit sure what is the role of this two statue, but judging from their position, I believe that they are guarding the Goddess of Mercy. just by looking at this statue, I can feel the aggressive aura from it. It looks fierce and it is one that you wouldn’t want to offend in your life. There are more photos of the Kek Lok Si Temple that I have captured, you can see them at here.

White : The windowThis photo was taken at Georgetown, Penang. The first sight I saw this window, I have the strong feeling that it was worth the shot. And yes, I am right. I like it’s texture which give me an feeling that it is a very old window. In fact it is.

Red : Penang Clan Jetty of the Tan ClanThis is a photo I captured at the Penang Clan Jetty of the Tan Clan. I love to shoot at a low angle and this photo is definitely suit the low angle. I love the way the small red house is located as if it become the main object in the photos and not the bridge. Sadly, I heard from my friend saying that the small red house is destroyed. I am lucky to have shoot it before it was being destroyed. For more of the Penang Clan Jetty photos, please click here.

Now, I will nominate 5 bloggers to take part in the competition.

1. Hua Wei at huawei89photography.

2. Hovercraftdoggy.

3. Stephen at Stephen G Hipperson.

4. Isabella at Isabella Hart Photography.

5. Ming at A View with Ming.

22 thoughts on “Capture the Colour Competition

  1. Hi~ the blue shot is just fantastic. You captured the frenetic energy and yet produced a shot that is at once STILL– taking the shot from the rear of the stage created a unique and graphic shot that I would not have considered. This is a photo to be proud of! Congratulations~ peace, Jason

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