Photo Contest – Photos Win Prizes

Dear friends,

I have participated in a photo contest, Photos Win Prizes. The 10 photos with the most like will then be judged by the judges. If you like my photos, I hope that you can do me a small favor by liking it at the photo contest page. I will be very much appreciate any like you give to my photos. Thank you very much and have a nice week ahead. 😀

Below are my entries. Click on the title of the photos to proceed to the photo contest page of my photos and then kindly click on the little heart shape just above the photo.

A Mother’s Love

Waiting for you

Where is my freedom?




22 thoughts on “Photo Contest – Photos Win Prizes

      • That is the sense I got from the image… that we are the ones often looking out… looking for a freedom that eludes.

        I realized though, that depending on a person’s individual perspective, he or she might see it the other way.

        What I liked best is that the way you composed the image makes one question both perspectives.

        Thank you.

      • Yup, each and everyone of us has our own perspective. Some see things that other didn’t see and some just have their unique point of view. Anyway, however it is, one must not easily influence by others. Once again, thank you for your support!

  1. All the best, man!!! The photos are amazing here…
    By the way, you linked the wrong link to “Where is my freedom?”. It leads to “Waiting for you”.

    • This contest close on October 4th 2012 and I think they will still take sometime, a month maybe for choosing the winner. So, there is still a long time until the winner is chosen. I am glad that you concern about this little contest that I am taking part in, I am touch!! Thank you very much!!! 😀

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