Dear friends, I need your help!!!

Seeties Jumpface Campaign

Now that I have you attention, can I have your 1 minute? I am currently participating in a JUMPFACE campaign where the winner wins away a 10,000 feet skydiving experience. The winner is chosen according the number of votes. To put it simple, the contestant with the highest votes wins! Since the prize is too attractive, thus the contestants are very competitive. I need to get as many help as I can so I need your vote!

The contest ends on 3 January 2015, which is another two more weeks to go. The system allows the voter to vote for the same person once a day. So I would like to have your 1 minute everyday to vote for me. It would be great if you can help me share this news to your friends and family. I really appreciate your help!

Please vote for me (Liew Chi Khong) at this link –>

*Don’t get shocked with my epic ugly distorted face though..haha..


5 thoughts on “Dear friends, I need your help!!!

    • Thanks for voting, Mike! I am currently no.2 and the no.3 is going to pass my votes soon! He gains his votes very fast! The prize is only offer to the 1st place and 2ns place, so if I get pass by the no.3, then I will lose this contest. The contest still have another two weeks to end, gonna do my best until then! 🙂

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