InsectInsectDragon FlyDragon FlyOn the FloorOn the FloorFanIt’s a FanCircularCircularCrossesTree ArtTree Art 2A Wall & A ChairBranchMonotone LotusLotusBranches And LeavesBranches And LeavesThis wayThis wayLinesYellowBlueGreenThe Purple WonderlandThe Purple Wonderland

16 thoughts on “Art

      • I would just like to say that photography is an art even before the editing! It begins when you decide where to stand! But, I love being able to control things right from a desktop computer in ways not possbile or difficult if you didn’t have access to a lab in film days….truly does allow the artist to evolve.

        I do love the stark and striking designs you have displayed here!! Thank you.

      • Thanks Judy! Indeed, I agree with what you said, photography is an art! Seeing things from a different angle would give you a different feeling and I like to capture photographs that have the sense of artistic. Thank you for liking my photographs, I really appreciate it! 😀

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