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  1. Liew, hope you still remember me. I went to visit Penang a year ago and loved your place. If I play my cards right, I may get a project back there by January. Will make sure to shoot the art scenes you’ve posted and if you’re not too busy, maybe you can join me for a fun shoot in the streets. 🙂

    Am sorry, I couldn’t help smiling while typing, I sure couldn’t top that goat importing message above me. 😀 Happy Holidays.

    • Hi Jojie,

      First of all, I really must apologies to you as I really cant remember you. I must have knocked my head somewhere and get my memory loss. 😛 Regard your project, I couldn’t promise you whether I can join you or not as I have something going on on January. However, if I am free I will be glad to join you for the fun shoot. Do let me know after you have confirm the exact date of the project so that I can try to arrange my time. it is really my pleasure to participating myself in your project, thank you for the invitation. Let’s keep in touch.

      By the way, have we met before? 😛

  2. Haha, oh don’t worry about that, am just being very friendly with fellow photographers (my alternate tough-sweet nature). We certainly haven’t met before. I merely dropped a comment on your blog sometime back after having visited Penang, which is an interesting place for photographers. While I may have a photo assignment somewhere in your area (am a photojournalist), I do move around on my own to shoot and write for publications. So there isn’t any pressure to commit. LOL (got you nervous for awhile there, huh?) Anyway, I merely dropped a note here after you liked one of my photos recently. So thanks for dropping in (which I guess you don’t remember now as well haha!). 😀

    • Haha.. I see. Well, we might be able to meet up by chance as I have always been wandering around Georgetown (if by chance you have your shooting at there). Anyway, nice to meet you, Jojie. I will definitely remember you starting from now..haha.. Good luck! 🙂

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