Penang Bon Odori Festival

Penang Bon Odori Festival was held once a year. This year it was on 21st of July (I am not sure whether the date is fix the same date for the pass few years as this was my first time attending such festival). Basically, it is a festival to expose us with Japanese culture.

I went there with two friends. When we reached there, there were a lot of people and it was very hard to walk at there. By the way, the Bon Odori festival is held at the esplanade of Penang.

There were food stalls at the roadside of the esplanade. We have to buy the coupons in order to buy the food at there (the foods sold at there were all very expensive!).

There were clowns at there making balloons for the kids.

There were some very cool dress up guys too!

There was a stage in the middle of the esplanade for the performances. The performances were performed by the Japanese people and they performed non-stop throughout the event. I was deeply attracted by their performances as I love Japanese culture very much and I like to see the performers enjoying themselves while performing. They did a really great job!

And finally, it was the climax of the festival, the firework show! Really, it was the most awesome firework that I have ever seen in my life!Yet, sadly, I don’t have any nice shot of the firework as I was shooting with my bare hands. However, My friend do have a nice shot! You can see his photo by clicking here.





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