Li Fu (理辅)

Li Fu is a club under the USM Tionghua Association. The club main objective is to provide guideline to help the secondary school students who are having problems in entering university. I am very honour to be invited to be their photographer. The theme for their group shooting is youth.

IMG_1914 IMG_1939 IMG_1951 IMG_1954 IMG_1963 IMG_1970 IMG_1981 IMG_1984 IMG_1991 IMG_1996 IMG_1997 IMG_1999 IMG_2001 IMG_2004 IMG_2006 IMG_2007 IMG_2014 IMG_2018 IMG_2022 IMG_2026 IMG_2029 IMG_2032 IMG_2035 IMG_2038 IMG_2041 IMG_2044 IMG_2047 IMG_2050 IMG_2054 IMG_2059 IMG_2061 IMG_2068 IMG_2077 IMG_2080 IMG_2088 IMG_2097 IMG_2105 IMG_2110 IMG_2114 IMG_2123 IMG_2126 IMG_2131 IMG_2138 IMG_2150 IMG_2151 IMG_2167 IMG_2174 IMG_2177 IMG_2179 IMG_2182 IMG_2185 IMG_2186 IMG_2191 IMG_2192 IMG_2195 IMG_2198 IMG_2199 IMG_2200 IMG_2201


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