Day 2

It is the second day of the trip and we began this day with seeing sunrise!We went to the Balok beach to see sunrise. We reached there at 6AM.

Balok beach is also known as the Black Stone beach as the stones at there were all black!

Sadly, we failed to see the sun rise just above the surface of the sea as it was cloudy.

Here are some of the morning view of the Balok beach.This tower is located strategically for us to have a wider view of the beach.

This is Sherlyn.

Some silhouette shots with the tower and the tree as background.

After having enough fun at the beach, our friends, Jie Hui, who is the local bring us to Beserah where a Chinese film “大日子” was shot at there.Kuantan is famous with it’s salt fish and this is how they dry the salt fish.

Our next destination is still a beach, but we have no idea what is the name of this beach.

Along the beach, there is a beautiful park, Taman Gelora. It has a beautiful lake inside and it is covered with trees. It feels like as if it is inside a jungle.

Taking some photos with the beautiful nature before we left the place.

As for the afternoon, we were just resting at Jie Hui’s house. We were all very tired for waking up so early in the morning to see the sunrise which unfortunately we failed to see it. Soon, it is dinner time again. We have our dinner at a beach called Teluk Cempedak. Our dinner were lamb chop and chicken chop which were recommended by the local, Jie Hui.

After having our dinner, we have a little walk at the beach.

And then we went to the night market just next to the beach.

Well, this conclude our second day. The whole day was just beautiful beach, awesome beach and wonderful beach. As for the third day, the climax of the Kuantan trip, we were going to the must-go-place of Kuantan, the Rainbow Waterfall. Stay tune.


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