Day 3

It is the third day of our trip. Today we woke up very early in the morning just to go to the famous Rainbow Waterfall! Yet, we woke up later than what we have planned.

After 45 minutes of the driving, we reached our destination, the market of Lin Min.

We reached there earlier than we expected so we have to wait for our guider, Uncle Lee.

After sometime of waiting, Uncle Lee shown up. We went up to his car and depart.

Uncle Lee stopped somewhere along the route for us to have a look at the beautiful sunrise. We failed to see it yesterday, but not today!

Uncle Lee stopped his car again for us to go to toilet. It is 9 kilometers from where we depart and we have another 9 kilometers to go.

Finally, we reached at one point where the car cant passed through. We have to walk through the jungle in order to reach the Rainbow Waterfall.This is Uncle Lee. He is a talkative and a very funny guy.

Taking group photos before entering the jungle.

To reach the jungle, we have to face a challenge, that is pass through a river.

Everyone successfully passed through the river and here we are at the entrance of the jungle. We have to walk 150meters to reach the Rainbow Waterfall.

I found this on the way. It is written Namo Amitabha, the Buddhist spell. I wonder who paste it here.

We took a little rest half way. What’s accompanying us was the non-stop speaker, Uncle Lee. He really talked all the way going up the waterfall.

Finally, we reached the Rainbow Waterfall.

It was crowded with people at there. Many are coming from far away like us.

Making our way to the waterfall!!!

Unfortunately, it was cloudy on that day. The sunlight was not strong enough to make the rainbow appear. However, we do saw a small rainbow at the bottom of the waterfall.These photos of my friends with the rainbow were taken on an incline wall under the waterfall. It is very slippery. One mistake then it is goodbye for me. I covered my camera with a plastic bag while taking the photos as it is like heavy rain at there. It is the toughest shooting experience I ever had so far.

These two photos were shot at the bottom of the waterfall with my camera wide expose to it. Luckily, there was no big harm to my camera.

Having some little model shooting.The model is Chan Hua Wei, who is also the photographer for this trip, and he is my current roommate.

Capturing the beauty of the beautiful mother nature.

Everyone else has been leaving but Uncle Lee was still there telling us his story and his funny experience. By now I am sure you can imagine how talkative he is. 😛

This very last shot with the waterfall was taken by Uncle Lee.

Before crossing the river, Uncle Lee shown us a very amazing skill. That is stand a stone on a stone. Wow, can you imagine that?

This cute girl is Pei San. Perhaps, she is the cutest girl that I have ever seen in my life.

Being serious with the stone.

Scolding the stone.

Err… Looking at the stone romantically?

These two stones were stand up by Uncle Lee. Incredible!!!

After back from the waterfall, we went to buy some local production. We have to cross a hanging bridge to reach there.

Having our lunch.

After lunch, we were resting at Jie hui house and waiting for dinner. We eat satay and baked fish as our dinner.This is Pei Yin.

This is Hui Yee.

This is Lee Kee.

This is Ah Yok.

This is Pei Ing (right).

This is Sherlyn.

This is Mei Lin

This is me.

This is Hua Wei.

This is Li Yen.

This is the only photo taken at the place we eat baked fish.

Well, this is the end of the exciting third day. The next day will be rather a sad day as half of our member were going back to their hometown.


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    • Lol… I went to google search about this guy call Michael Phelps. Wow, he is an international swimmer. There is a really great difference between us as I don’t even know how to swim..haha.. Luckily I got friends that are taking swimming course and they taught me how to swim during our last visit to a water park. Thanks to them, I know a little basic about swimming, at least I wont drown now..haha..

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