Day 4

It is day 4 now, a rather sad day as many are heading back to their hometown. Well, today was supposed to be the last day of our trip but some of us insist to extend the trip. So, those who cant make it were going back.

The first one that was heading back is Mei Lin, at 9 am. We went to eat breakfast together before she was back. (both of the girls inside this photo were not Mei Lin, I forgot to took her photo before she went back!)This is the 3 colour ban mee(三色面粉糕). The red colour is made of dragonfruit, The green one is made of pandan and the yellow one is of pumkin.

After saying goodbye to Mei Lin, we went to the biggest temple in Kuantan, 万佛殿 (the name itself means the permitted of ten thousand god).

Guess what have I found in the temple? A lot of cute little monk statue!These are the only two photos that I have taken with my friends inside.

In the afternoon, me and Hua Wei, the other guy in this trip were staying at home while others were going for karaoke. Before dinner, there were four of my friends are heading back to their hometown.

Soon, night fall and we went to this Ah Wah Restaurant to have our dinner.

After the dinner, two more of my friends were going back.

It is very sad to see my friends going back one by one. The mood is very heavy during the farewell. The next day will be our extended trip. We went to Malacca this time, with a total of 7 of us.


8 thoughts on “Day 4

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  2. Love the series of photos you’ve taken. The temple photos and statues are excellent. The different angles really make one feel as if they are right there. Great work!

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