Day 6

Yup, it is day 5 now and today gonna be the whole day fun. We woke up very in the morning and our plan for the first destination is to the A Famosa, which is a Portuguese fortress. But before that, we went to see the Mr. Melaka statue.

Datuk Wira Dr. Gan Booon Leong, who is the Father of bodybuilders in Malaysia.Well, the main purpose of this little park here, for me I think is the public toilet located at the back. 😀

The trishaw in Malacca is so much beautiful than the one in Penang.

We passed through the red house again and we stopped for some photos.

We continued our way to A Famosa.

On the way, we saw this beautiful tree and the bull statue. So, what are we waiting for. Of course, we pose!

This is where the country’s first fire engine, train and airplane were exhibited.

And here we are, the Portuguese fortress, A Famosa.

We saw two polices (I guess) riding on the horse and of course, we took photos with them. 

Going up furthermore is the St. Paul’s Church. It is located at the summit of the St. Paul’s Hill and is today part of the Malacca Museum Complex.

Soon, it is afternoon. We went down the hill to have our lunch. On the way back to Jonker Street, we pass through the Melaka River again.

This is our lunch, the chicken rice ball, which is very famous in Malacca. You must try it if you are going to Malacca. This is my first time eating it. 😀

Then, we went to have some ice kacang (kacang means bean in Malay).

And we order some laksa (sort of like curry mee).

After the meal, our next plan is going back to our hotel for some little rest. This time we took a different path, which is the other side of Jonker Street.

We saw this temple on our way back.

This is another temple, just next to the temple we first saw.

The view seeing from the temple.

This uncle lives in the temple and he is too talkative. He insists us to take a photo with the statue.

Done with the temple, we move on. We saw this very big pineapple cookies display in front of a cookie shop. The big cookie is awarded the Malaysia Book of records in 2004.

After the cookie shop, we head back to our hotel. Just before we reach our hotel, miracle happens. We met our friend, Ah Boon, who lives in Malacca. He was fetching his sister from school. What a small world it is. So, our friend fetch us back to our hotel.

Someone is missing his girlfriend..hehe…

We bath and rest a little while in the hotel. Then it is dinner time now. Ah Boon come to fetch us to have some Nyonya food. It is really good to have know some local when you are travelling. Thank you Ah Boon!

After dinner is the dessert. We went to eat the Nadeja Cake, which is another must-try in Malacca! Really, you must try it!

Our desire to food don’t just stop there. We went to eat satay celup (dip satay), which is very famous in Malacca. It is far from where we were staying but we were realy lucky to meet Ah Boon who has a big car. 😀Both the shop’s name in the photos is Ban Lee Siang and both claimed to the the original satay celup. Since the local was bringing is to eat at the shop with the yellow shop sign, so I believe that it is the original one.

The night is still young so Ah Boon bring us to travel around in Malacca. Then he bring us to this Karaoke place which is located on the sea. It has a long path before reaching the karaoke but there will be car fetching you there for free.

Originally, we were planing to go to the open hot spring, but it rains so we cancel the plan and went back to our hotel. After bath, one of my friends want to try the coconut tomyam at Geographer which she saw yesterday. Unfortunately, when we reached there, the shop was ready to close, so we didn’t get a chance to taste it. Since we were out, we walked around the Jonker Street and the Red House area and we passed through Casa del Rio, the very expensive hotel.

The whole street were just left with us. Before we went back to the hotel, we were having some drink at Eleven. I am sorry that I didn’t took any photos at there. We enjoyed ourselves at there until the shop closed. We reached the hotel at around 2am and that mark the end of our sixth day. Tomorrow will be our last day and we went inside a forest. Stay tune. 😀




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