Day 7

It is day 7 and it is the last day of our trip. We begin this day with delicious dim sum (a style of Chinese food prepared as small bite-sized or individual portions of food traditionally served in small steamer baskets or on small plates).According to Ah Boon, this is the second best dim sum in Malacca. We didn’t get the chance to taste the Number 1 dim sum in Malacca as it close on that day. How unfortunate.

Our next destination is to the Recreational Forest. It is like a park and there is the bicycle renting service available. We rent four bicycle and cycle around the forest.

After cycling, with the tired body of ours, it is good if we can have a cold drink. And yes, our next plan is to drink the coconut shake. It is very famous in Malacca. Trust me, you will like it. The price is RM2 per cup.

Finished with the coconut shake, Ah Boon send us back to our hotel for us to check out. This is goodbye to Ah Boon and his girlfriend. He cant be accompanying us for the afternoon section. Really thanks a lot for his help!

As for our lunch, we went to Geographer, which we didn’t made it yesterday night. The coconut tomyam is what attracted us to this place. It’s food is suitable for vegetarian as it has many vegetarian foods on it’s menu and the price is quite reasonable.

This is the coconut tomyam.

And this is our dessert, the apple pie.

After lunch, we went to buy souvenir and any other things before we went back to our hometown. Just how small can this world be, we met with another friend of us. She is on her one day trip to Malacca.

We are shining brightly..haha..

Done with all this and that and everything that has to be done before leaving Malacca, it is time to go to the bus terminal.

The first one to leave us is Jer Xian.

The second one is Sherlyn and Pei Ing.

And the third one is Jie Hui.

Me and my friend, the only two guys in this trip were heading back the last. Kim will be staying at Malacca for few more days with her aunt. Well, this is the end  of the wonderful one week trip. Thank you very much for reading my little story. I hope you enjoy it.

By the way, you might have notice that I have change the colour tone for the day 7. I personally feel that this colour tone is nicer, what do you think? Just want to hear some opinion from you guys. 😀


3 thoughts on “Day 7

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  2. I think your colour palette tends towards sepia or blue tones, this has more yellow/green tones and you’re working more with artificial light than daylight? I’ve really enjoyed seeing you and your friends’ trip because I don’t know Malaysia (although I know an English person who tried to learn Malayalam). This has been so fun to follow because it shares close friends enjoying fun places. I also like your respectful politeness to older people by calling them Uncle or Aunty.

    • Thanks! You are right about the colour tone. I like to have my photos with artificial light especially in green and blue so that it looks more solid (at least I feel like it). You should come visit Malaysia someday, it is really a nice country with many different races living together. Well, one thing not good is it’s politics. Hope to have another trip soon with my friends! 😀 By the way, in Malaysia, Uncle and Aunty is what we called people older than us.

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