A Rainy Shooting Trip

Together with three of my photographer friends, we went for a shooting trip around Georgetown in Penang. It was an unforgettable shooting trip. Why? Because…………….It was RAINING!!! HEAVILY!!!

Let’s back to where we started our little trip. We departed from our campus around 8.30AM and we reached Georgetown around 9.30AM.

Our main objective for this shooting trip is to find the wall painting painted by Ernest Zaxharevic around the walls in Georgetown. His painting has attracted many people especially photographers and tourists. There were a total of 5 wall paints so far but sadly we were only manage to find one of them.

Here is where it started to rain. This old phone booth is opposite the wall paint.

At first, we were blaming the weather for why it must rain at exactly the day we went out for shooting after a few weeks of no rain at all. However, look at the photos, we were definitely enjoying ourselves in the rain. We were thankful that it rains as it granted us a wonderful memory.

We continued our journey after the rain has stop.

This is our last destination, “观音亭”, The Temple of The Goddess Guan Yin.

After paying a visit at the temple, we were heading back to our campus.

Thank you, my FRIENDS!!!


9 thoughts on “A Rainy Shooting Trip

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  2. A wonderful series of shots. I love shooting in the rain, it adds a certain flair to the color saturation but your composition needs no help! These are great. I love the shot of your friend in the air, holding the umbrella over her head. The ones in the rain have so much detail too. I also love the ones taken at the temple…..really nice!

    • Thank you very much for spending time reading on my little life story. It was really really fun to shoot in the rain. It was challenging and there are lots of funny things to do in the rain 😀 Will try to shoot more in the rain next time 😀 Thanks again, Dorothy!

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