One Little Crazy Night

3 years pass by quickly and now, I have finished my last paper of my final exam. It marks a full stop in my university life and soon enough, I will be graduating. This was one day after I finished my final exam. One of my friends suggested to us to take a walk in the campus 11pm at night, as she said that there might be no more chances to do so in the future. And thus, five of us walked around the campus for the very first time at this late of time. It was a little bit crazy but surely an unforgettable memory.

Kim and Shan Yu

Me, Shan Yu, Kim, Sharon, Hua Wei

Err, well, originally the plan was just a walk around the campus, but it soon turn into a model shooting when we found this beautiful place in our campus. 😀Sharon Tan as the model =)

It was a contrast with her personality in nature, but everyone sure will have a down site sometime.

Mr. Chan, a best friend of mine as well as a soon to be professional photographer. 😀

Another photographer, Miss Shan Yu!

Thank you, my FRIENDS!!!


4 thoughts on “One Little Crazy Night

  1. Nice to see you guys having fun around campus! Brings me back to my university days!!! SMS fond memories!

    • With this, my university life has ended, and it ends with I am still single and available throughout the years. Now come to think of it, it is better to be single..haha.. Nice to hear that it brings back your fond memories 😀

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