Kek Lok Si Temple

A walk at the Temple Kek Lok Si

Well, this will be my first travel photography. Hmm… Normally I wouldn’t write much, but a travel photography without story wouldn’t be nice anymore, doesn’t it? Ok, let’s start with why do I choose go to Temple Kek Lok Si first. Since long time ago (after I bought my camera), I have always wanted to go there as it is a must-go-place for tourists. And today, I finally took out my first step, taking buses and went there alone. Once reach there, I have became a temporary tour guide for four Indonesia tourists, showing them the way to Kek Lok Si. Actually they were just following me as I was going there as well. Upon reaching the temple, we took our own route and explored the temple. The temple is located on a hill, so to reach the temple, I has climb up quite a number of stair steps. It was around 1pm when I reached the temple, so it was quite hot at that time. I felt tired after climbing all the stairs, but at the same time I was feeling excited as well as this will be another great experience for me. After few hours of exploring and shooting, it’s time to head back to my hostel. I think the photos above will tell more story than what I have written here, hope you enjoy seeing my photographs. Thank you!

p/s: For more information regarding Temple Kek Lok Si, you can surf this link


10 thoughts on “Kek Lok Si Temple

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  3. You are off to a good start photographically. Edit your work ruthlessly, show your best images and not everything you take. Post-processing is also essential so hopefully you are learning imaging software like Photoshop or Lightroom along with honing your photographic skills. Several of your images would be stunning with some additional work in post. Best to you! kkeith

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