Heritage Celebration 2013 (6th & 7th July)

6th July

IMG_8412 IMG_8420 IMG_8423 IMG_8437 IMG_8493 IMG_8542 IMG_8578 IMG_8595 IMG_8612 IMG_8636 IMG_8646 IMG_8670 IMG_8679 IMG_8694 IMG_8699 IMG_8712 IMG_8737


7th July

IMG_8980 IMG_8995 IMG_9021 IMG_9031 IMG_9067 IMG_9088 IMG_9096 IMG_9116 IMG_9162 IMG_9169 IMG_9225 IMG_9323 IMG_9380 IMG_9420 IMG_9497 IMG_9506 IMG_9520 IMG_9534 IMG_9589 IMG_9619 IMG_9625Read the story at My Life Via Lens



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