4th Georgetown Festival

Georgetown Festival is a festival that celebrates the historic town, Georgetown, being listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Ste. This awesome festival last a month, but the celebration only last for 3 days, which is started from 6 July to 8 July. I went for the 7th July celebration as this is the peak of the 3 days celebration. The theme for the 4th Georgetown Festival is “Live Heritage”. Lots of interesting performances, shows and games were held on these 3 days.

The roads are blocked to ensure the smooth flow of the program.

Rescube Exhibition from 6th-13th July. (Sorry, I didn’t shot any photos in the art gallery)

I cant see anything via this telescope though.

The traditional musical instrument set.

The 14 Living StoryThis uncle can play many traditional musical instrument that I have never seen before.

A paper airplane maker. He claims that he is the only one in the world that knows how to fold the paper airplane. His hands was shaking when he was folding the paper airplane, yet he manage to come out with a flawless paper airplane. Really salute him deep from my heart.

Many talented artists have gathered at this world heritage site, Georgetown. All their drawing were truly fascinating!

There is a Children’s Festival on this day, starting from 12.00PM to 7.30PM. From the handout I got, there were a total of 8 games for the children but I have just managed to shoot some of it.

This corner here lets the children to print their own shirt.

This corner thought the children how to make their own toys. 

This is a corner for traditional games.

This little boy is playing very happily with his father.

There were lots of other interesting games and performances that I have miss out as I went back quite early. Yet, I am happy with the shots that I have got. However, I do feel bad for one thing, that is, I was taking other people picture without asking their permission first. If by any chance you saw yourself in my photographs and it makes you feel uncomfortable, please do let me know and I will delete it right away. Sorry and thank you!


8 thoughts on “4th Georgetown Festival

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  2. It looks such a fun and colourful event, I wish I could visit! There’s some lovely images that really capture the mood. The pink windmills on the wall, the colourful paper aeroplanes, the jumping game with bamboo poles and the boy playing ball. Great work!

    • Indeed it is! There were more than this during this festival. There are shadow play, drama, youth street dance and many many more. Thank you very much for commenting and visiting my blog. Nice to meet you! 😀

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