Penang Bon Odori 2013


The Penang yearly event, Bon Odori is back again. This has been the 17th year. Same as always, it is celebrated at the esplanade Penang. The Bon Orodi festival for this year falls on the 20th of July, which is one day earlier than last year.IMG_3677Same as last year, this year Bon Odori was accompanied by two good friends of mine too. About 6pm, we met up at the road beside esplanade. There are already a lot of people gathering at there.IMG_3701Everything here that deal with money has to pay with coupon. My friends has bought a RM20 coupon. These three beautiful girls here are the coupon seller.IMG_3733

The coupon is divided into RM1, RM2, RM3 and RM4.
Basically, the stalls here are divided into three main group, the food stall, goods stall and the gaming stall.

IMG_3646 IMG_3647IMG_3696These are the food stalls.IMG_3686 IMG_3687 IMG_3692 These are the stalls that sell goods. The goods include accessory, daily necessities, and some Japanese goods.IMG_3706 IMG_3714 IMG_3717 And these are the gaming section.IMG_3660This little girl with her kimono is so kawaii! IMG_3679You can see many people are wearing kimono around esplanade.IMG_3650And there are people cosplaying the ghost as well.IMG_3721 In this wide green field, many people cover the ground with mat and then the whole family sitting on it enjoying the night.IMG_3748 This is the performance of the traditional Japanese musical instrument, three string guitar.IMG_3779 IMG_3833 IMG_3882 Among the dancer, he is the one that enjoyed the dancing the most. The audiences were attracted by his performance and everyone were happy looking at him!IMG_3916 IMG_3935Well, a Bon Odori without some performances is not a Bon Odori anymore. The interesting performances on that night include the traditional three strings guitar performed by the Japanese and the Japanese traditional dance which is performed by the Japanese as well. Of course, the local has performed some dancing on the stage as well. Around 9.30pm, me and my friends went to an Indian restaurant to have our dinenr, and so, we miss the fireworks performance. Frankly speaking, I personally think that the Bon Odori this year is no way better than last year Bon Odori. The performances are not as interesting as last year and the variety is lesser.

You can visit here for the Chinese version.



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