Day 5

Pretty soon, it is day 5 now and the number of people joining this trip has decreased to 7 people. There were 6 of us depart from Kuantan and the other one depart from her hometown. Then, we all meet up at Malacca, which is the destination of our extended trip.

We reach Malacca at around 2pm. This is the our first stop (not taking into account the bus terminal), the Red House.

Going down from the Red House is the Jonker Street. This area is listed under UNESCO world heritage site. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, there will be night market along the Jonker Street. Too bad that we don’t have the chance to enjoy the night market as we came on Monday until Wednesday.

This dragon is located at the entrance of the Jonker Street. It represents the year of dragon in the lunar calendar.

Along the way to find ourselves a cheap hotel, we saw this shop that sell soap. It’s soap is sold according to it’s weight and all the soap were handmade.

After some walking, finally we have found a cheap hotel. This is the Baba House Hotel and it is not where we are staying..haha.. We are staying at ABC Lodging (I forgot to take a picture of it), which is opposite of this Baba Hose Hotel. The room rate is RM20 per person.

This is the “living room” of the hotel.

And this is our room.

It is around 6 pm after we settle down everything. Without wasting any minute, we went to explore the Malacca. However, we have no idea where to go and it is quite late already, so we were just wondering around the Jonker Street and went to the nearby shopping mall.

We saw a big watermill along our way.

Everyone is ready to jump.

But I am the only one that jumped.

Now everyone sit..haha.. We are so funny. 😀

After having fun with the watermill, we continue walking along the river.

This is Casa del Rio. It is probably the most expensive hotel in the town. The cheapest room is RM778 (I am not even spending that much money for my whole one week trip) and the range is from RM778 to RM3878!

This is the Melaka River Cruise which will take the passengers down the Melaka River with a fee of RM10. We will be riding it at night.

Opposite the Melaka River are three museums. This ship itself is one of the museum. We were planning to visit all the three museums the next day.

Further down a bit is this Taming Sari. It takes you to the top of the tower and stay at there for 7 minutes for you to have an overview of Malacca. What’s more important is it costs RM20 per ride per person! This is equal to our one night hotel rate.

Going further down is the shopping mall. There are altogether 4 big shopping mall within that area (if I count it right), namely the Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall (2 buildings), the Hatten Square and the Mahkota Parade.

This is Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall.

And this is Hatten Square.

The sky on Malacca is amazingly beautiful and I am so glad that I have shot it!

After finished exploring and having our dinner, we went to ride the Melaka River Cruise. The last boat will be at 11pm and we reach there at 10pm. We bought the ticket and waiting for the boat. This is a  shot I captured while waiting for the boat.

The boat came and we went onto it. Not much shot were taken on the boat as I wan to enjoy the fun and excitement of the 45 minutes ride.

We all were exhausted from all the walking and I even almost fall asleep on the boat. So, after the ride, we went back to our room to have a really good night sleep. 😀

The next day will be our second last day of our trip. It will be a whole day of exploration and there is a little surprise awaits us. Stay tune!


4 thoughts on “Day 5

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  2. What a great fifth day you had….you did so much too! I like all the photos, I feel like I was there with you.

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