Alice and Sharon

This is my first model shooting, hope you enjoy 😀

Sharon Tan Ling LingSharonSharonSharonSharonSharonSharonSharonSharon

Alice Tan Bee SiangAliceAliceAliceAliceAliceAlice & SharonThank you Alice and Sharon.


38 thoughts on “Alice and Sharon

    • Thanks! Most of my photos are following the rule of thirds as I personally feel that it makes the photos look nicer. I see that most of your photos are following the rule of thirds as well 😀

  1. wonderful pictures, all of them. your rain pictures are an inspiration, so sweet with the umbrella over the wall painting. i think you have a gift for photographing people. very very nice.

    • Thank you very much! I prefer shooting people than the dead object. The moment you captured the natural smile on their face, it feels just so enjoying. I would really like to shoot more portrait photos in the future if I got the chance. Once again, thank you! 😀

  2. Hej from Sweden!
    Great photos of your first model shoot! I photograph people also but I love candids rather than posed shots. They just never seem to work for me, but they sure worked for you!
    I photograph animals and my blog is full of all the animals at Gullringstorp. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my recent post ” Sweden’s National Day and Launch of my new business”
    How did you find my blog? Please let me know.
    Welcome back anytime!

    • Hi, thank you for the comment. I do like to captured candid shots as well. Your photographs of animal is very nice. I found your blog at the freshly press corner provided by the wordpress itself. Nice to meet you and congratulation for your new business! 😀

  3. Wow Liew! Wonderful shots, and beautiful girls, what more can I say. You did a great job, and tell them for me that they are great subjects for the camera! Take care my friend, and thanks for sending me the invite to this blog!

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