Day 1

Departing from Penang (Butterworth).

Reaching Kuantan at about 6 in the morning.

Our very first meal in Kuantan.

Having our breakfast – Lin Ming Noodle (林明面)

After the breakfast, we went to our friend (Jie Hui)’s house to have a little rest. The girl playing the piano is named Kim, she is a pro in playing piano.

This is where we were having out lunch. By the way, the food in Kuantan is so expensive!

After having our lunch, we went to East Coast Mall, the largest shopping mall in Kuantan.

This is a hotel own by a Sultan. It is located just opposite the East Coast Mall. By the way, the owner of the East Coast Mall is the Sultan as well.

Done with shopping, we went to have some cendol. Hot weather + cendol = Great Combo!

Soon, it was dinner time. We were having our dinner at a place call “Your Place”.


It is the climax of the day! A birthday celebration. Happy Birthday to you again, Jie Hui!

We bought the gifts during the afternoon shopping at East Coast Mall.Out of 14 people, we are the only two guys. 😀

Happy Birthday!!!

After the celebration, we went to Kuantan’s pier. It was crowded with many people as the night view at there is very nice. Many were fishing at there too.

Saw this “Kuantan” words, and so we were having fun with it. 😀

Taking some group photos before we were heading back.

After a tiring day, it’s time to sleep!By the way, who do you think is the cutest?

With this, the first day of our trip ends. Day 2 will be coming soon!


7 thoughts on “Day 1

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  2. Liew, your pictures made me laugh. You all seemed to have so much fun. You have a great eye for capturing buildings and people! What a wonderful gift. What is cendol? Is this the city where you live? Mike

    • Thanks Mike. In fact, I think everyone does have the great eye. Cendol is a dessert that I think only available in my country. If you come to Malaysia, you must try it! This is not the city I live. I visited my friend’s place, Kuantan. I am currently living in Penang.

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