Singapore One Day Trip

Singapore, the lion city, which is located a bridge distance away from JB, Malaysia. On the 19 August, me and my sister and her boyfriend’s family were going to this fantastic city for a one day trip. We departed from Kl at around 6AM and reach Singapore at around 11AM. After having our breakfast at there, we went to our first destination, The Sentosa Island. It is a popular island resort in Singapore, visited by some five million people a year.

This is my sister and her boyfriend, Lawrence.

We have to buy the 1 Singapore dollar ticket for the entrance fee.

I am trying to capture the “Sentosa” but there were just people around it all the time.

It was said that water will come out from this lion’s mouth at night.

Inside this building there is a very big wind tunnel. Believe it or not, I saw people flying in it. OMG, human being can fly!!! Can you imagine that? Too bad photography is not allowed inside the building.

Our next destination is the Chinese Street (also known as the street of the Dead). The buildings at there were quite old and they were a bit similar to the heritage building in Penang.Notice anything strange in the above photo?

And our last destination is the Marina Bay.

The following photos are taken inside the Marina Bay Sands.We take the monorail at here to take our car. Then we went out from Singapore to Johor Bharu (JB) to find a hotel to spent our night. After some time of searching, we finally found one and that is the end of the day.

This is the hotel we were staying, the Straits View Hotel. Kinda expensive though..haha.. After that, we went to have our lunch at Malacca. I didn’t shot any photo at there but you can still see some of the Malacca photos in the 7 Days of Fun of the Day 5, Day 6 and Day 7 during my last visit with my friends.

By the way, if you have ever view my photos, you might have notice that the photos in this page has a different tone than the others. I have adjust a bit of the shadow and highlight of the photos and the editing of these photos are quite heavy and the colour are quite saturated as well. Originally I was trying to come out with something different than my old photos style, but I think that I have overdid it this time, what do you think?


3 thoughts on “Singapore One Day Trip

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  2. I love the photos regardless of the editing. The feel is definitely different, but the high saturation really makes for some colorful, fun photos. When you go on vacation, I think I always try to capture the excitement and color, so I love these. I also think they would make some great advertising/tourism photos. I could be easily enticed to go to Singapore after seeing your shots!

    • Thank you very much Joleneybean. I had received some opinions from my friends saying that the colour is a bit too saturated while others are saying the colours are just fine. What you said is correct, when going on a tour, the photos should be captured about the excitement and the colour of that place, so a bit too saturated is fine. Just like many tourism photos that I have seen, their photos are all saturated in colour. Thanks for the comment! 😀

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